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Ayurpalana Ayurveda hospital, Palakkad
Ayurpalana Ayurveda hospital, Palakkad

About this listing

Ayurpalana Ayurveda Hospital is a unique institution in Palakkad, Kerala where one can also have modern medical facilities with advanced diagnosis and therapeutic techniques with Ayurveda. This Ayurvedic Hospital is currently giving treatment for all general diseases, including the ones which do not find effective treatment in modern medicine.
Ayurpalana Ayurveda hospital treat Anal fissure, Arthritis & Rheumatic Disorders, Allergic disorders, Arthritis & Rheumatic Disorders, Cervical spondylosis (neck pain), addiction, Digestive disorders, Fistula-in-ano, Geriatrics, Infertility, Low Back Pain, Obesity and Life style diseases, Osteoporosis, Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, Physiotherapy, Piles, Pre-Natal care, Post-Natal care, Psoriasis, Respiratory disorders, Sciatica, Spine related problems, Urinary disorders and Varicose veins.

Treatments provided at the hospital:

  • Ayurvedic treatment: It is an ancient Indian medicinal science, which is both holistic and field for maintaining the health of a healthy person and restoring the health of a diseased person.

  • Piles treatment: treated by Medication, or bhaishajya chikitsa, Herbal application, or kshara, Surgical intervention, or sastra chikitsa and Cauterization, or agnikarma.

  • Panchkarma treatment: In this treatment five types of therapeutic measures i.e. Vamana (emesis), Virechana (purgation), Vasthi (medicated enema), Nasya (nasaltherapy) and Rakthamokshana (bloodletting therapy).

  • Back pain treatment: Ayurpalana is considering as one best Ayurvedic treatment providers for back pain. They have well Specialised doctors for back pain treatment.

  • Infertility treatment: Their Ayurveda experts will be designing the individual treatment plan for you.

  • Stroke treatment: Depending upon the severity of the stroke and patient age, there are different treatments may apply, based upon the opinion of the ayurvedic practitioner.

  • Psoriasis treatment: They recommend Panchakarma treatment for most of the cases.

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