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Vaidhyamana Ayurvedic Hospital, Kerala
Vaidhyamana Ayurvedic Hospital, Kerala
Vaidhyamana Ayurvedic Hospital, Kerala
Vaidhyamana Ayurvedic Hospital, Kerala
Vaidhyamana Ayurvedic Hospital, Kerala

About this listing

Vaidhyamana is one of few hospitals in Kerala where multiple medical systems (allopathy and Ayurveda) furnish effective treatment protocols for chronic ailments. Vaidhyamana specialize in Ashtangas of Ayurveda(eight specialities) kayachikitsa- General medicine, Bala chikitsa- pediatrics, graha chikitsa – psychiatry ,Urdhvanga chikitsa – head and neck, shalya chikitsa- surgery, Visha chikitsa – Toxicology, jara chikitsa – geriatrics, vrisha chikitsa. Vaidhyamana Ayurveda had made achievements in treating thousands suffering from diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, low backache, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, arachnoiditis, fractures, non-healing ulcers, anorectal disorders, psoriasis, allergic diseases, respiratory diseases, degenerative bone disorders, psychiatric diseases and lots more.

Treatments offered

  • PANCHAKARMA: Through a series of systematic treatment regime results are achieved even in incurable diseases.

  • Pizhichil/Taila dhara (Oil bath): ynchronized pouring of warm medicated oil + Abhyanga (massage)

  • ShastikaPindaSwedam (Nijavarakizhi): Medicated rice bolus + medicated milk applied over the body

  • Sirovasti: Medicated oil over the head for a specific period.

  • Siro pichu: sponging with oil overhead.

  • Tala pothichil: specially prepared paste application overhead in degenerative brain and spine disorders like cerebral palsy, otorneuron disorders.

  • Netra karma: This includes specific eye therapies mainly intended for acute and chronic ailments.

  • Kadeevasthi/Janu vasthi/uoro vasthi: Special treatment with oil for back, knee, neck problems, to treat the root cause and to nourish the supporting muscles.

  • Vamana: Therapeutic emesis where medicines are administered through the mouth and eliminated through mouth.

  • Virechana: Therapeutic purgation where medication through the mouth and vitiated doshas are eliminated through the anal canal, Skin diseases, Jaundice, Low back pain, Piles, Eye disease (Cataract), Allergic response, neurological disorders, musculoskeletal injuries to the lower back, general wellness, general detox, etc.

  • Raktamoksha: Therapeutic Bloodletting by different methods.

  • Nasya: Therapeutic administration of medicine through the nostrils.

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