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Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital, Kayamkulam, Kerala
Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital, Kayamkulam, Kerala
Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital, Kayamkulam, Kerala
Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital, Kayamkulam, Kerala
Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital, Kayamkulam, Kerala

About this listing

Dhathri Ayurveda hospital has a rich heritage of more than three hundred years and situated near Kayamkulam, Kerala. The hospital cure all kinds of diseases with the use of Ayurvedic treatments. Experienced staff and well-trained therapists help the patient to provide Ayurvedic treatment in accordance with their body type or condition.


  • Spine & Joint Disorders

  • Skin Disorders

  • Hair & Scalp Disorders

  • Lifestyle Disorders

Treatments offered


  • ABHYANGAM: It is the application of Sneha dravya (most commonly medicated oil) over the body with the certain amount of pressure in a specific direction.

  • KATIVASTHI: It is a type of local snigdhasveda, where warm oil is kept at the Kati pradesha (lower back area) for a prescribed time.

  • PIZHICHIL: This is a combination of sudation and coleation therapy, which is done with suitable medicated oil.

  • NJAVARAKIZHI: NJAVARAKIZHI is very effective in degenerative diseases like polio myelitis, muscular atrophy etc., it is more effective immediately after pizhichil treatment.

  • NASYAM: The medicated oil or juices administered through the nose.

  • HEAD MASSAGE: Improves blood circulation, helps in hair growth and provides mental relief.

  • LEPANAM: The medicated paste is applied over the affected part for pain relief.

  • THARPANAM: Treatment mainly concentrating the neurological, degenerative and allergic condition of the eyes.

  • KARNAPOORANAM: effective in-ear problems like earache, tinnitus, deafness and neurological complaints.

  • SIRODHARA: Suitable oil or decoction is poured over the forehead in a particular rhythm from a particular height for the prescribed time duration.

  • MUKHALEPANAM: Effective in pimples, wrinkles, cellulitis, blackheads, whiteheads and pigmentation. It enhances the lustre of facial skin and rejuvenates it.

  • UPANAHAM: In this medicated paste is applied and tied for the particular time duration.

  • SIROVASTHI: Very effective in trigeminal neuralgia, hemicrania, parkinsonism, optic atrophy, otalgia, deafness, facial paralysis etc.

  • KIZHI: Various herbal powders or leaves, or medicines etc are tied in a cloth in the form of a bolus, and heat is applied to the body by heating the bolus with or without dipping in suitable oil.

  • UDVARTHANAM: Udhvarthanam is a special kind of massage in an upward direction( Prathiloma in the opposite direction of the body hair) by using medicated powders.

  • TRICHO TREATMENTS: hair care product application, i-grow treatments etc are given through tricho department.

  • KASHAYADHARA: A medicated decoction is poured locally or all over the body for a particular time period from a particular height. This is beneficial to improve the skin health by improving its tone and texture

  • VASTHY: Various types of vasthys are available for various diseased conditions.

  • VIRECHANAM: This is done after proper oleation and sudation therapies. Very effective in chronic ailments.

  • THALAPODICHIL: Head is covered with suitable medicine paste and kept for a period of time.

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