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Caritas Ayurvedic Hospital, Kottayam

About this listing

Set amongst the tranquil landscaped greenery, secluded from the disturbances of the town & complemented by the awe-inspiring serene ambience near Kottayam, Ayurvedic Hospital is an ideal place for a beautiful health sanatorium. Caritas Ayurvedic Hospital brings a personalized & fulfilling experience for every guest who comes here for treatment. They are committed to maintaining leadership in Ayurveda by manufacturing and supplying of quality ayurvedic medicines and providing the best Ayurvedic Treatment.

Treatments offered at Hospital

  • Abhyanga: It is a special type of massage done using medicated oils increases tissue strength, improves blood circulation, rejuvenates the whole body, removes cellulitis, beautifies the skin, anti-ageing, helps you to sleep better, promotes vitality, reduces imbalances, stress & toxins.

  • Pizhichil: It is a special form of treatment in which warm medicated oil is squeezed over the patient’s body from a specific height using a piece of cloth which is periodically dipped in oil, done in a synchronised pattern along with a gentle massage.

  • Shirodhara: It is a treatment process in which medicated liquids is poured over the forehead in a continuous, thin stream from a specific height.

  • Shirovasti: It is a treatment procedure in which the prescribed medicated oil is kept at a bearable temp in a leather cap fitted around the head of the patient, oil is filled up to the level of four fingers above the crown of the head.

  • Talapothichil: Thalapothichil or sirolepam is a special ayurvedic treatment procedure in which selected combination of herbal extracts are made into a paste and applied on a person's scalp.

  • Kizhi: It is a medicated fomentation therapy wherein medicated powders, herbs are tied in cloth bags & the body is massaged with these bags, the application of pressure varies according to the nature of the ailment.

  • Panchakarmas: Panchakarma promotes Detoxification and Rejuvenation which helps in detoxifying the body, strengthens the immune system and restores balance & well-being.

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