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About this listing

Medsugar completely understands the needs of people with diabetes. Their services aimed at three basic principles - Affordability, Accessible, and Convenience. Medsugar strongly believes that they can make healthcare safe, accessible, and cost-effective. Their services and patient education process is the most convenient and empowering one for a quality life.

Their methods for Diabetes treatments-

  • Excellent Sugar Control
    Medsugar's uniqueness is helping diabetic patients to keep their glucose under control. Their method involves a complete assessment of patients' routines, age, culture, food habits, and current medication. Based on the assessment, they work out a new scheme of medication to suit the patient's routines, food habits, and age. They say as per their experience learned that treatment plans not convenient to patients lead to poor blood sugar control. Hence, their approach centers around patient convenience.

  • Vito - Care - Vital organs Care
    Diabetes often called vascular diseases and also a silent killer by damaging the vital organs namely heart, neurological system, eyes, kidneys, and foot. They focus and screen regularly for the involvement of organs. like
    Diabetes and Heart
    Diabetes and Eyes
    Diabetes and Foot

Easy Diet
Poor blood glucose/sugar control is improper adherence to a diabetic diet. The eating habit has a very important role to play in sugar control. Hence, a general diet prescription may not help to control diabetes. Medsugar works with patients on an individual basis and customizes diet plans according to their food habits so that patients never feel they eat what they hate.

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